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mark on Lola Lumen
great picture,exellent compo,bravo

katalog firm on Lola Lumen
exellent shot,great b/w

B.Held on Bahay Kubo
beautifully done

B.Held on Lola Lumen
completely brilliant :) i just love the mood here.

clo on Calvin
Very beautiful portrait!

reza on Red Black & Yellow
very nice shot

Naa-ila on Red Black & Yellow
wonderful timing you must love butterflies

Shahryar on Cotton in the Sky
great capture :)

Curly on Bahay Kubo
A sky to die for!

Becky on Bahay Kubo
shudder - not shutter. : ) Haven't had my coffee yet this morning.

Becky on Bahay Kubo
Powerful image! Like the sky has taken over the world - and caused the small huts to shutter.

QB on Cats
They are tiny and adorable. The eyes are very expressive. They look like they may have opened very recently. Lots of ...

Kodaker on Cats
@jlm, @Becky: Thanks guys.

Becky on Cats
adorable image and composition - love that you chose monochrome.

jlm on Cats
Cute cats. It's really good how one looks into the camera and the other turns away.

Becky on Soiled & Seasoned
Powerful image. Great shot!

B.Held on Beetle
awesome colors!

Patricia (✿◠‿◠)❤ on Dragonfly
Wow wow wow fantastic 5*

B.Held on Dragonfly
an awesome capture

Kodaker on Bug Style
T h a n k s

Patricia (✿◠‿◠)❤ on Bug Style
I love it, beautiful 5*

kisskool on Bug Style
funny composition ;o)

B.Held on Bug Style
this is stunning!

DarkElf on Sampaloc Lake, San Pablo, Laguna
superb symmetry and i really like the minimalist composition here - no objects to detract from the simple beauty of ...

B.Held on Sampaloc Lake, San Pablo, Laguna
Wonderful result!

Marie LC on Bug
Nice work !

B.Held on Anawangin, Zambales
this is simply stunning! i just love it :)

DarkElf on Camara Island, Zambales
nice shot! you controlled the light well here and i like the splashes of colour throughout the frame with the rock ...

Paul on Camara Island, Zambales
Very nice

Krunal on Capones Island, Zambales
very nice capture

Céline on The bike and the boy
Great shot, well captured

Céline on Beach Basketball
excellent, love the light !

Julie on 911
une image très douce

Krunal on 911
great idea, lovely shot

Olivier Jules on Double headed butterfly
beautiful shot!!!!

Jojigirl on Double headed butterfly
oh, what a lovely, what a beautiful composition!

Curly on Orange Bug
Fabulous little macro shot.

dang on Orange Bug
Nice shot of the little guy, well done.

kate on Mushroom
just lovely and delicate colours!!:"))

Kodaker on Green
thanks : )

Kodaker on Soldier Ant
though the focus is a bit short : )

Curly on Soldier Ant
Interesting macro with such shallow and short dof.

Patricia (✿◠‿◠)❤ on Soldier Ant
Wow very beautiful

B.Held on Soldier Ant
such an excellent mood :)

B.Held on Green
a very interesting perspective . . . it really draws you in

Patricia (✿◠‿◠)❤ on Green
Wow.. this is amazing. Bravo ! 5*****

Garfield on Hamtic, Antique
O wow, what an amazing craft ... thanks for sharing. Love the color and perspective

DarkElf on Yokohama at Night (wide)
lovely evening panorama of the city - the sky really makes this shot and it is good to see that you gave it a lot of ...

Curly on Yokohama at Night (wide)
Great colour temperatures but I'd be tempted to give this a quite severe crop top and bottom. The bottom ...

sawsengee on Yokohama at Night (wide)
a beautiful panorama.....lovely lights, colours & low horizon composition

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